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TB Pony tiller leaking oil

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I have been putting off replacing my front transmission seal (bore seal) on the pony tiller. I only use the tiller in the spring, so I have been just topping off the trans prior to using it. I know that the owner's manual calls for a straight 140W gear oil, which isn't really carried any more an I have been using the 85-140w.

From the parts diagram there appears to be two different seals. Can you guys give me any tips with this? Would I need to repalce both the bore seal and the input pinion seal? Is there a way to pop the seal out without having to totally disassemble the transmission?

My other seals don't leak, just the front bore seal.
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I never worked on the Pony tiller, so I'm of no help to you, but at least this bumps it up for others to see
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