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Taking The Plunge!

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Yesterday morning, my Bride went onto Craig's List NH and for some reason, ended up in the Farm and Garden area and looking at an ad for a John Deere 318 with a loader, snow thrower, mowing deck and one of those Leaf Cyclone tow-behind units. Also a slug of suitcase weights.

Well, one thing led to another, and today, we drove over, looked at the unit, watched the performance of the mowing deck and cyclone, and negotiated an agreeable purchase price. I will be picking it up on Tuesday afternoon!:thThumbsU

I have a Craftsman GT5000 with a mowing deck, snow thrower, Johnny Bucket Jr, Johnny Plow Jr., box scraper and tow-behind dethatcher. While I have been sort of happy with the Johnny Bucket, it doesn't lift very high.

Anyway, here I am in the John Deere Forum...somewhere I never thought I would be, as they tend to be pricey, but the 318 looks very well-maintained, 1048 hours on the clock, and the loader looks fantastic.

Now, guys, come on and tell me what a dufus I am, how I made a terrible decision and what a waste of money this package is...:drunkie:

Fortunately, I am too darned dumb to appreciate all of the negative feedback. Like the bumble bee doesn't read, so he doesn't realize that he can't fly!:sidelaugh
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It may be a lot of things, but a waste of money isn't one of them. Make sure to get some pictures and post them!
Welcome to the green side!
Congrats on the new tractor! Looking forward to seeing pictures of it.
Congrats! The 318 is a great tractor. Looking forward to pics.
Oh heck those things are junk you'd better keep the Craftsman.

I'd be willing to take the junk 318 and stuff off your hands for cheap. :)

Good deal, welcome to the Deere club. :thThumbsU
Awesome! Congratulations, you got a keeper ... I'm talking about your wife that is. That would be the day my wife looks for a tractor for me.

Congrats on the new rig. You're gonna like it.
Nice! Congrats. Great history to the 318. One of the best.
Your not taking a plunge- you're climbing !

Nope, but this looks good. Mine has the Cyclone, that I have wanted for years.
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Oh heck those things are junk you'd better keep the Craftsman.

I'd be willing to take the junk 318 and stuff off your hands for cheap. :)

Good deal, welcome to the Deere club. :thThumbsU
Gosh! You would mister!

Thanks!!! I'll have to ask my Dad, first, but I just never expected to get such a generous offer!

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Stay alert for a phone call...Do you want to rebuild or replace the engine? Do you want to fix the hole in the roof or re-roof the whole thing? Are you sure this is the right price for the firearms listed in your CL ad?
Female generosity is usually compensatory...stay alert. But good catch all the same. Maybe she doesn't like the color combination of your other rig, has plans to use the 318 herself, or has some majorly expensive planned...only time will tell.
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Congrats on the 318 and loader. If you are happy that is all that matters. Enjoy it!!! Pictures when you can :D
its a package at a reasonable price. the only thought I have is you won't want to take the loader off to use the other attachments. especially when you need the loader and blower in the winter.

looks like a good excuse to get another one
Welcome to the Deere club and as Leinie said, "you're climbing":fing32:

also :wwp:

and so you say you think you'll be happier with the FEL as opposed to the Buford huh? I think you're right on brother:thThumbsU
Sweet deal! Definitely need pictures though
Good luck picking the 318 up tonight. Make sure you snap some pics!
how much $$$ did you pay for it if you dont mind

you will live that 318

(if you ever decide to sell it


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So.... pictures?
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