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Tail lights stopped working, headlights still work, JD 430

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I was cutting my grass last night and turned the head lights on to see and noticed both tail lights were out. All of the dash lights and head lights still work. Earlier in the season I did replace all of the lights with cheap LED bulbs so I thought maybe both of the LED bulbs went bad in the tail lights so I swapped the incandescent bulb back in but it didn't work either. Where should I start? Does it sound like maybe a wire broke? Where does the tail light wires connect into the system? Any other things I could check like a fuse?

Thanks for any input.
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hope for the broken ground. I think the tail light wires merge into the harness before going under the pedestal and up to the switches, so if you don't find the problem under the pan it get a little trickier. I just had to un-bundle the main harness on a 430 to get to seat switch wires it was tedious to say the least
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