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T1400 HST Won't Start need help!!!

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Got this little beauty from a coworker, his dad was original owner, and he no longer needs it since he got a new deere x728. He said he last used it 2 weeks ago and it ran fine. When I went to pick it up, it would not start and the battery was dead. So I got a new battery, changed the spark plug, changed the oil, greased her up. She turns over but will not start. He had stabil in the gas, but I drained it replaced with fresh gas. I tried fresh gas in a carb with a rag over it to choke and nothing. I tried starter fluid. I defeated the seat switch, just in case (but it will not turn over if not on it, same for the brake). When I take the plug out and touch it to the motor and crank I get some lightning bolts. The fuel shut off solenoid was not working and the wire got 12v, but the solenoid was dead. I defeated that by cutting the needle back (thanks youtube!). After a while of cranking I pulled the plug, it was wet with gas, I cranked and gas sprayed from the plug hole. I cleaned the plug with carb cleaner, dried it...tried again, got raw gas out the exhaust.... Any ideas? PLEASE HELP!!!

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As info was magneto/igniter also sometimes refereed to as trigger, basically the magnet box next to fly wheel that generates spark. Runs first time now.
Good to hear that you have it running. :fing32:
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