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Sweet 16. 316 that is, and they know it!

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Just about as new as you can get. Wow. used a couple of times, and then stored away....
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Just about as new as you can get. Wow. used a couple of times, and then stored away....
Hello jgj5150
I can't see the seller's asking price of $3800.00 for that Tractor. He state's it was used on weekend's for three years. That totals about Sixty times of use and he never say's how many hour's are on it, it should have a factory hour meter on the right side pedastal tower ? He also said that it has rear PTO it clearly does not from the rear end picture that he shows of it. He Bases his price off a new model of which has many more add on's than a 1983 316. The tractor is clean but it does show signs of use up under it's frame, Paint missing off the brake drums, as well as the front Mule drive adjustment lever broke off and the battery has been replaced and for the price he has it listed at it should look new out of the crate to me.:rolleyes: Hammerdown
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Looks nice but I don't believe the story for a second.
Looks nice but I don't believe the story for a second.
AMEN... That Tractor shows a lot more use than he is claiming it has and if it was such a low hour machine why didn't he tell the exact hours on it ? If it does not have an Hour meter I can understand that, but it still shows use and loss of Paint, Broken mule drive adjusting Knob and a Battery replacement. He need's to touch down and realize that he has at best is a $1500.00 Tractor there. I would not want it as it does not have Power steering like the 318's had if you drive a 318 with Power steering you never would go back to a Tractor without it again and the Other Three series tractor's do not turn as sharp as a 318 does as I had a 314 and sold it when I got my 318. It sure Does Not Compare to the newer X-series Tractors if that is what he is trying to do here. Regards, Hammerdown
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Why anyone would choose a Yardman over a nice Deere baffles me as well. :dunno:

Plus, I'm sure that tractors are like cars, RV's, boats, and any other mechanical toy. They like to be USED and maintained. Sit them in a shed/barn/field for 20+ years (really it only takes a few years) and they will rot. Rubber parts dry out and fail, fluids get old and lose their function, and fuel will gum up throughout the system and ruin all kinds of stuff.

Even if the seller's story IS true, that tractor will require a decent amount of updating to get it into reliable running condition.
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Correct me if I am wrong but it looks like the hole for the hour meter (as I don't own a 316) is on the right side and it is empty. That makes me worry about it some. And being in the south-mowing on weekends only can be year round right (don't live in the south)? And it didn't say if the lot was 20 X 20 feet that was being mowed or 20 acres. Not saying that this isn't a good tractor but something sounds a little off.
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Why do people feel they need to write it CAPS?
Most 316 Onans never came with an hour meter.Something fishey on this deal,look at the rust on the hood mount on the front,BUNGGIE cord holding the battery in,foot rest pad missing on the left,and the mule drive adjuster missing and the guards for the deck are gone on the right side too.HUUM
Agree. Looks like the green's been painted. Maybe not though.
No hour meter.
No hydro. power assist steering & just one set of hydraulic ports on the front.
No rear pto (although ad states it has one).
No engine firewall insulation.
No knob on the mule drive adjustment.
Looks like a 38" mower deck.
Does it have the grille badge/emblem? Can't tell. (another $15-20. part)
Plus side: Newer 316 with the Onan engine.
(Seems like picking but although it looks nice, that thing is worth $3800.00? I'd sell my 584 hour 318 with accessories & attachments & many new items/parts for $4400.00.) JD-D
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The belt for the deck is even yellow on the side with the missing cover! And whats the box under the ignition switch? Looks like a nice restore to me
Battery tender(black box),all the bolts look NEW,too new for 25 years
I didnt notice the Yellow paint on the deck belt! this guys lookin' to put the screws to someone..
IMHO as others have stated that story is a load of crap!!! plain and simple. Some more little issues.

1) They did not make 316s in 1982, so if he picked it up in 1982 he bought it before the 318 even came out........
2) Those are not original tires
3) The hydro line have been replaced and not hooked up in the clip and has hose clamps not the original style clamps.
4) The frame is too dirty, but it has been sprayed with some water at some point to make some mud.
5) It is missing a foot grip pad.

Load of crap plain and simple and these are the type people that make me mad and make it hard for me to sell good quality tractors at a decent price.

:1106: OK Rant over....
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I gotta say it, MrBeef has a beef with this shyster!
This guy's bs story just does not wash. Yes it is a nice looking machine, but it has been painted / restored. Why would you use a yardman machine when you had a deere on-hand? The way he stated it doesn't even make sense!

And why post an ad on cl in all caps?

edit: I orginially posted this in all caps to be a smarty-pants. The forum changed it to all lowercase. LOL!
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I gotta say it, MrBeef has a beef with this shyster!

Yeah just a little :fing32: I got burned by a shiny 318 last year and I am still a little cheesed off about it.

Here we go again..... I can't stop my fingers :biglaugh:

I think what makes me mad is just the downright lies. Call a spade a spade, it's a partially restored 1980's something 316 with an unknown number of hours with a 38inch deck and the tractor is in decent condition. I would ask 1500 and take 1300, simple as that. Rather than make up some emotional story which obviously with a little investigation does not hold water the seller needs to be honest....

There was a 318 on the Minneapolis CL a couple of months ago that I wish I had the space to buy. 1991 450 hours (I think), blade, hydro dump MCS with on board engine, and 4 suitcase weights, manuals etc IIRC they were asking 4500..... It looked exactly like it should "used" but boy was it pretty :)
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I Took another Long Look at this tractor. Mowing deck Guard on right side missing, Pulley has Yellow paint on it they did not come that way, Picture's Three and Four show a machine that has sat out in the weather dash is faded and weathered as well as the steering wheel, Hood Brackets show rust & corrosion, bottom of battery box mat is dirty, Battery has been replaced The seat looks to have been replaced Too, Foot Pad missing, Hour Meter gone from it's hole, Just far too may things wrong with it to be a true low hour Tractor, I Smell a used car dealer or small Body involved here as the one picture shows a car off to the left in the rear that has been hit. They Never made a Yardman MTD Mower that could hold a Candle to a three series john Deere. My Guess is that someone either traded this mower in on a car or owed this Chump for some Body Work and the seller thinks he is going to Pull a Rabbit out of his Hat selling this Tractor for Three times of what it is really worth. I have $1200.00 less in my totally restored 318 and that with a Brand new engine along with a restored 54" dirt dozer blade and a model 30 Tiller this guy is dreaming here, at selling this tractor for $3800.00..:rolleyes: I Flagged it as Miscatagorized and gave the reason as a Refinished Tractor adding the seller's Add is a Fraudulant, This is Not a Low Hour Tractor ! :fing32:
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Don't care to comment on the machine, but I did want to point out that in some parts of the country a 'Yardman' or 'Yard Man' is what you might call a Lawn Maintenance guy.
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