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Wanted to dismount a wheel today. Wasn’t successful. Have to by the ”inch dimensioned” tools first.

Nevertheless, had a surprise as looking at the wheel and the hub I realised that my Gravely actually has brakes on each wheel. There is a small level arm not connected to anything. It seems to be working fine and easy.

While I’ve heard about brakes / steering brakes, I’ve no idea what’s needed to make use of them. I’m not sure I really need them but maybe it would be possible to use them as normal brakes/parking brakes.

Any idea where I can find necessary hardware / levers?

By chance I got hold of a steering sulky. Met a guy in the hardware store yesterday and we discussed about garden machines. It turned out he had an unused sulky in the cellar since 15 years. I bought it from him unseen and picked it up today. The sulky is in much better shape than I expected. I just need to paint it in Gravely red because the green color doesn’t look nice.


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