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Super 12 info please

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Hi guys I know nothing about these sears machines but there cool lookin so I want one:dunno: found this one on CL but I am at a loss as what to offer. My guess is like $250 but I don't want to offend him if I'm out of the ballpark. Being that it was grandpas I may offend him anyway but if I offer him a fair price That's his problem if he is offended. Ok edit forgot to put the link to the ad:banghead3.
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In my opinion if it is for the tractor alone, no attachments or mower deck, the engine runs, doesn’t smoke or rattle, the tires hold air, it has a good battery and can be run with a reasonable servicing then yes $250 dollars is an average price. If it has all of the above and is in pristine original cosmetic condition that price would be a steal.

These are just my opinions.
Hydros allways bring more...
Sorry,but I never make an offer,until owner puts me in the ballpark.He might start lower than your bid??:hide:
Offer him $100-$150 considering it not in running shape and no idea if it is missing something or even if the motor runs and doesn't smoke/knock. Then go from there. You be suprised. My deck i bought yesterday he wanted $100 i offered $50 and he took it.
Isn't that a Briggs motor?
Isn't that a Briggs motor?
Kind of looks like its a Briggs which would make is either a SS14 or 15.
Not running and needing some work very hard to know what the engine is really like but if it has the Briggs, I'd offer $200.00 and see what he says.
Not a hydro Kevin. SS15 or SS14
Like dude11 said, i'd let him throw out a starting price. I'd pay $200.
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