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Sunstar 20, need some info please.

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Hello, Been looking at a couple of Sunstar 20s. Would like to know if a 3 point hitch is still available. Been pretty impressed with what I have read so far about them. Havent really been able to find out any info about a 3 point hitch. Any info would be great. Thanks in advance! Gary
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Love the Sunstar's...Not sure if OEM 3 points are still available but almost positive you can get after market ones. I recall reading on this site a while back about custom made 3 points but not sure where exactly.
I bought my 3 point off Ebay a few years back and I kinda remember some talk of them on here some one out east made a 3 point for his Sunstar you can buy one for a john deere and convert it to work on a Sunstar
Thanks for the replies. As said, I havent been able to locate an aftermarket source for one. Probably wont get lucky enough to find a tractor with it already on. Dont want to buy one and then find out it costs too much to buy one. Would also like to build a FEL for it also, Thanks again for the replies. Gary
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