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Suggestions for shipping a GT, ever worth it?

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Hey guys,

This tax return I will be looking for a loader (probably with tractor) and after seeing a few of these deals, got me to thinking, how much is typical shipping on GT with loader? is it ever worth it? how would you go about it? I've never freighted anything, so No clue how i would go about it.


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Tim, it simply varies too greatly to provide any sort of intelligent answer here. Pick and dropoff locations, fuel costs, freight classes, make a big difference.
Tim, you were "overmoderated" there for a bit. D-Dogg and I saw the duplicate post at the same time and we did a double delete at the same time. Sorry about that, it has been "undeleted".
Tim, you were "overmoderated" there for a bit. D-Dogg and I saw the duplicate post at the same time and we did a double delete at the same time. Sorry about that, it has been "undeleted".
Well, ..........actually, :hide: what happened was
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OK let's keep this thread focused on the OP's intended purpose!

Wise Guy eeh! :ROF
Nyasck, nyack, nyack. With the crating costs, multiple pallets for the GT and the loader, the overall weight involved; you would have to be getting an unbelievable price on the equipment to merit this expense.

A two hour drive gives you a wide range of dealers or private sellers from which to choose a tractor/loader combo. My $.02.
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If you have some sort of business nearby that truckers haul something out of alot then you might get it on the back haul.I live near a couple major shipping routes for truckers and have had some large tractors hauled in over the years at pretty reasonable prices.You have to have an area near a main road that a tractor trailer can easily get in and out of and a way to unload like a place with a ramp or a rollback ready to go.Last one I had hauled was a Brazilian made CBT tractor shipped from Georgia,the trucking company
was admanant about quickly unloading it which was no problem for me as a friend has a large rollback he was here at my place waiting and we had the tractor off in about 10 minutes of course then the truck driver stayed about 2 hrs looking at my fleet so you never know.
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If you have some sort of business nearby that truckers haul something out of alot then you might get it on the back haul.
This is what I did...If the seller on the other end will do the fluid draining, drop off to the terminal and perhaps provide pallets and straps, then you could be in good shape. I had my loader shipped from Seattle to Michigan on an Old Dominion collect load for a local company for $127. They even set it in the bed of my truck with a forklift when it arrived. It took me a week of waiting, but one of their loads ended up with room for a pallet and that's when I pulled the trigger with the seller.
See less See more is worth taking a look at, they give you estimates, and for me to ship a 4-wheeler from Connecticut to Ohio is less than 400 bucks, which is about 700 miles.
FWIW, a friend of mine shipped an 8600lb 20' long Dodge Cummins from Cali to CT for $800..
My dad had a 1200 lb Lister engine that he sold to a guy in oklahoma. We secured it to a pallet, built a box around it and a truck came and picked it up, easy as that. You can basically have anything shipped if its worth the cost to you.
My experience was good with a great (patient) seller and some shopping.

I bought an 1855 (no loader but it had deck and blower, weighs 1500 pounds total) in PA and had it shipped from PA to almost NC...It was about 275 miles or so and I paid $150 and tipped the guy 50 bucks.

I used and I know anyone making a living on hauling things would never even consider that distance at that price. I got lucky a guy went north with a load and returning home he was empty it was $175 towards his gas.

Heck, I paid it forward and once carried a plant from VA to PA for $45. I was going there anyway and it paid my gas....
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After a hurricane went through Florida sometime in the 2000s a guy offered me a Toro 117 Groundsmaster for free. UPS quoted me $1000 to ship it to St.Paul. They are just under 8 feet long, just under 1000 pounds. I ended up finding one much much closer for $500.
I would really like to get into doing this in the New England area.
Some guys locally are using their trucks and car trailers,enclosed trailers ,even horse trailers,to transport equipment to other states,to survive a long stretch of unemployment--also see ads at a local RV dealership looking for guys with 2002 - up 3/4 or 1 ton trucks ,to deliver RV's across the country....

Not sure I'd want that responsibility,hauling some brand new 20-100,00 dollar camper somewhere,especially in wintertime,but I guess it pays good,and you are your own boss..

Shipping garden tractors would not be too involved,a full sized van or box van or truck,even a pickup,can haul most of them easily..the hard part is being able to make enough doing it to pay your fuel & repair costs and still make a decent profit...a friend of mine who bought a roll back ramp truck is making a lot of cash hauling junk cars in for scrap,and delivering ones bought at auctions to the sellers location...but it took about 15 grand to get the truck,insure it properly,register it,and he got "busted" for not having a bussiness name or signs on the doors a few weeks ago--he had to put "not for hire" signs on it...originally he bought the truck for personal use only to haul a race car,and cars he'd bought at auction to re-sell home..but he was laid off his regular 9-5 job working construction,so he had to do something to make money...its tough too though,with all the laws and restrictions in place,you have a lot of liability and hoops to jump through before you can do it "legit"...
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