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Suburban Aluminum Mower Deck

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Did they ever make such a thing for the Suburbans?
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I believe so... They were supposed to be great mowing decks!
Ive only seen the aluminum decks built for the Customs...All the suburban decks to all of my knowledge are steel....and the problem with them custom decks, you hit a stick and you had a new grass exit!! hehe Ive done it!
A guy I know has one that's been "welded on". So I suppose he's had the same experience as you! Might be pretty cool to have one though...
Ya ive only seen the aluminum one for the customs, and they were quickly replaced with steel decks....Man it made a cool sound when that stick was banging around in their and now it mows nice, the wind row sucks but its mows better! hehe the little 6hp dont have to work as hard with the air free flowing!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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