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Have you looked at the Yanmar site? Not only for the SCUT as a tractor, but what attachments can work with it.

Yanmar SA Series aka SCUT tractors ...

The SA221 starts off at $11,820. Add the 60-inch mid mower, price is attractive at $14,531.

You can pick out the attachments there after as needed. (not necessarily the dealership)

It's bigger than a lawn tractor and has 3pt CAT-1 (limited)
Rear lift (at 24"/610mm): 660 lbs [299 kg]

Optional FEL loader is Yanmar YL110

Tractor data specs for it are here ... Yanmar 221 tractor information

Now, if you want a little more Hp, the SA series has 2 other models as well. Plus, there are cabs that fit the SA Series should you need some winter work done with heat or summer work with an AC unit.

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On the subject of size, I should have also mentioned that the axle weight ratings of the BX is significantly higher than the JD 1-Series. You have to bump up to the 2-Series (2025R) small-frame CUT to get comparable axle ratings to a BX SCUT.

As a general observation, I think you are putting too much emphasis on size/appearances, rather than the actual specs and capabilities. Yes, the JD 1-Series looks larger than the BX. It has a physically larger footprint and sits higher (although it doesn't have more ground clearance.)

But the objective of a SCUT design is to create a very capable, multi-purpose machine in a small package. The engineering involved for putting all these capabilities into the compact package is actually much trickier than doing it in a larger package (which is a primary reason why there is minimal price difference between SCUTs and small-frame CUTs). In their BX, Kubota manages more ground clearance, more axle capacity, and full Cat 1 3PH in a more compact footprint machine.

Don't get me wrong. JD makes great stuff and their X7 Series is a good example of some impressive engineering - - they offer amazing capabilities in an impressively compact package. But to prove my point above, their 1-Series costs about the same when similarly equipped. That's because it is tricky and expensive to design so many capabilities into such a small package and still have it work well.

For many SCUT buyers, compact footprint coupled with capability is a preferred arrangement to something that simply looks bigger. Those who prefer a larger-looking tractor should probably study the small-frame CUTs instead.
You're right about the size; unless it's an ergonomic issue for you, it's almost irrelevant...unless you want to minimize the space it takes up, like I do, and in that case smaller is actually better.

When I was contemplating getting a SCUT my wife - the finance director, btw - was concerned about how much space it'd occupy in the garage (when it's at our house). I kept referring to the would-be addition as the "sub compact" (I'm the marketing director :)), and physically outlined the space with boxes so we could visualize the space it'd eat.

So for me, smaller was/is better, and I really like the little orange beast.

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A lot will depend on what and how you are going to use it also.
If you are going to use it to cut grass as well as using a loader get the dealers to show you how easy or hard it is to remove and reinstall the attachments. Cutting grass with a loader attached is a pain and will add wear and tear. Using the loader with the mower deck installed is no more fun.
Lift height on a limited cat 1 is not usually an issue. It will lift most attachments high enough to clear all but the steepest angles.
Check to make sure they have a system to remove and install the bucket / pallet forks / etc quickly and easily.
Make sure any attachments are similar through out the range which will make purchasing attachments much easier and sometimes less expensive. For example some of the JD 2 series tractors now use the "Euro" style mount. It is a very expensive option and no easier to use. It also limits the attachments you might be able to find used. I am sure once you have made your choice "You will NEVER add any more attachments" is a famous quote made by no one on this site.
Check on resale values because as we have all been through the "I wished I would have bought a bigger / heavier / different color / etc" tractor and will be much easier to justify to the finance department (more commonly referred to as the SO).
Buy as big a unit as you can afford and then when the payments are done or you have paid for it and used it for a while then add a zero turn or riding mower to the mix and not have to worry about wear and tear cutting grass or swapping out attachments. Save the money and buy the tractor without a mower deck and just purchase the grass cutting machine at the same time. More fuel efficient, faster cutting grass, less maintenance, getting under trees and around obstacles easier and MAY even be able to convince the finance department to join in the fun.
Most of all make sure as most have mentioned previously is to sit on it and make sure it "fits" you and is not off branded making parts hard to find and limited only to the manufacturer.
Good luck with whatever one you choose.
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