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stx 38 yellow and black deck compatability

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I have a 93 yellow deck stx 38 -I have come across a black deck (just the deck) in good shAPE. will it mount up to my yellow deck tractor body as is? be nice to have a spare deck.
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I have an STX38, black deck tractor....I have heard the mounting is quite different. I understand that the black deck is much thinner metal too and not as good. I have patched a couple of holes in my deck.
NO.. the black requires several parts to be exchanged.. like the front axle.. with the axle exchange then u gotta replace the steering sector & rods..
I know I'm super late to this party but you can convert a black to yellow as long as your black is complete. You only need to swap the rear mounting brackets and remove the The yellow flat bar between the front of the deck and front mounting points. Use the front mounting rods from your black deck and drill out the carriage bolt sqaure hole to 3/8 and bobs your uncle.
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