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Stupid questions (yes i assure you they are stupid)

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So i find myself for the first time in 15 years without a job and way too much free time on my hands to mess around and tinker (my 3 year old helps and my 8 month old just laughs at us because he knows better).

So as i am naturally drawn towards all things mechanical i find myself looking at my zero turn (i most likely wont touch anything besides normal stuff on it).

So my first question i have come up with....Has anyone changed the pulleys from the motor to the pumps to increase the speed to the hydraulic pump and motors? (even thinking about this seems like a catastrophically bad idea). Would that even work to increase the speed of the mower?

Second how about adding some more power without completely sacrificing power? My Z445 has the 25hp kawasaki motor so i'm rarely lacking power but who doesnt want more? (i will be rebuilding an old briggs for my neighbor that i'll likely do a little bit more work to see what i can do power wise on that.

I'm sure the answers will make me ask more interesting questions.
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