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I am faced with the stumps from the trees I removed awhile back. If they were a bit further form the house I would use dynamite, but these are just too close for comfort. I got a few prices from folks with stump grinders, and while I don't mind a fellow making a living, I certainly am not willing to pay for their entire work week and equipment on just one job.........they are just way out of line for what they want to just grind out a stump................

So just to make it less amount to rot out, and to ease cutting around them easier, I cut them as close as possible to the ground today, and it brought back memories of why I hate cutting tree stumps close to the ground. Some of the oaks have some really large buttress roots, which make cutting them a real B!^&$.......and then their is the dirt and other stuff in the bark when you cut that close to the ground. I have a carbide tipped chain somewhere around here that I used to use, and not worry about dirt, but I just could not put my hands on it no matter how long I looked. Anyway I have em all cut just about flush with the ground or within 1/2 inch. I washed most of the dirt, at least what I could off and around the stumps prior to cutting, but its still virtually impossible to cut em real close without getting in thr dirt, as there is often a concealed pocket in the deeper sections that you can't see, and those buttress roots make a tree of 36" diam more like 6 feet in diameter.

I imagine the oak and gum stumps will be history in about 2 or 3 years, but those pines will be around for a long time, as the heart is nothing but fat lighter. But at least I should be able to run over them with the JD and the mower deck without hitting the blades or dragging the deck now........

I have 2 tri axle loads of dirt coming next week (20 yards each load) , no box blade no FEL. One load is topsoil, and the other is a clay. I am raising the spillway and *** on my pond and also making it substantially wider. I hate digging holes or digging in the ground, but shoveling loose soil like dumped out of a dump truck is not too bad, so I guess I have a few days of shoveling in front of me...... I can probably push a lot of it into place with a home brew blade i have that I attach to my forks on the 3-point, but it will still have a lot of hand work involved, especially with all the different areas I need to fill in with topsoil...........Wife said after the expenses incurred with Scooter and his almost 2 weeks in the doggie hospital and his surgeries renting a bobcat is out of the question for the time being, as we have lots of other stuff that needs the $$$ that has to be done, unless I opt to go back to work..........which simply is not an option any more for me.......I am retired and intend to stay that way....I have time, so its gonna be shovel time for me.....
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