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Stuck Tractor Please HELP

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Hi, My big mo 500 is stranded in New york right now due to a frozen/stuck brake. Iam not sure if the parking brake is stuck or what. Any help getting it to roll would be appreciated. they had a 4x4 tractor spinning all four tires with the winch from the trailer pulling it. I have a big mo 500. Iam wondering if they didnt relize the parking brake was on. The guy said it had been moved less than a year ago.He said the brake pedals were both up. The previous owner of the tractor was not there, Iam wondering if they missed the hand brake lever. Alot of wasted time and money today. Hope it goes smother next time...
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glad you got it closer to home good luck with your project and keep us posted how it turns out
:smilie_fl Are you sill frozen up? If so I have used a salamander and tarps. I covered the frame like a tent and threw the heat to her and make sher to put some kind of air drier in the lines to help thaw them out. :i_praying
the funny thing is , Iam not sure if the rear wheel is still stuck or not. Remeber I mentioned the Fultons? It was tuesday night the machine was transported and just about a mile from his new home.We had discussed finishing the move this sautrday. When I had called on wendsday, I was told he had already delivered it for me.I thought that was a nice thing to do. (I wonder how much I owe him) So far so good...I didnt get to see it being draged the rest of the way. Just so you understand the property I own is about 2 hours north of my home and I dont get up there as much I would like to.
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I would go look see...if this is true I would spend all the money he would except..every week for as long as you live there..You just met another Tractor Nut..Try to stay away because I heard its Spreadin...B, :trink40: :trink40:
update, it cost another $280 to get it home, seems fair enough. Iam thinking about building an engine for it, I love hobbies I cant afford and dont have the time for, I can't wait to start.
Great story Shawn. :wwp:
Want to try a rebuild. some day. Now I think it's going to be new for me.
As a city kid moving to the country, I grew up a few miles from the former MM plant. Remember when they locked out the workers.
Good luck.
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