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Stuck fuel tank cutoff valve

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The cutoff valve at the bottom of the fuel tank of my 6163G seems to be stuck in the closed position. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to free this up without taking off the gas tank, or will I need to take off the tank and free up or replace the valve?

Thanks for any advice anyone has to offer.
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Your options are limited. If it were mine I would pull the tank and replace the valve. It is likely time to replace the fuel line anyway.
Thanks Richard. Does the valve just screw in to the bottom of the tank? If so, seems like it should be easy to replace once the tank is removed.
Yep. 1/8" NPT thread.
Normally when they get stck either the rubber seal has swelled or it is clogged with rust. Both call for removqal and replacement. Good time to clean out the tank too.
Fuel tanks can be a bit of a pandoras box. Be prepared for the worst.
At least those valves are readily replaceable. I have the old style on my walkbehind that uses a metal fuel line instead of a rubber one. Those valves are much harder to find.
I got tired of the hard metal lines and replaced them with rubber fuel line. The metal potentially lasts longer but the rubber looks better and is easier for me to deal with.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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