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Struck Dozer/Gannon Earthcavator

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Well the six week project is in its 3rd year.. But there seems to be some really good progress so if it would just quit raining long enough ...I might get some seat time

Ive been working on this MD 1612 Struck mini dozer .. Off and on for a couple of years...with a lot or help from friends. Had a electric 3 point hitch made for it so I could work the Gannon Earthcavator. It is designed so that you could have up and down pressure...or just up lift and float for the implement to ride on its own weight.

So far Ive only had time to knock down one pile of dirt...

Got some summer jobs lined out for friends to see how it will all work.
Wish me luck.

We finished the Mini Equipment hauling trailer for the dozer...It came out pretty good.


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Still too wet to get any seat time in.

Here is some pictures of the control panel, this was all made new with new wiring and gauges and the works.
Relays were installed and the up and down controls for the implements..front and back are on the joysticks.

Thanks for looking.


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