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Stripping with My Lawn Roller

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Ok, this is my first attempt at stripping the grass today using my lawn roller.

I filled it half way with water, I think it looks pretty nice.

It is a [email protected] in tight turns with the roller in back which takes extra time.
Ok for open areas, but I don't think I'll do it every week.

What'a think fellows??? :dunno:

BTW........Did I tell you how much I like my X720.......:sidelaugh

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If you like the looks of a striped lawn and want to do it at the same time as you mow, then you may want to consider getting a BM23648 striping kit for you mower.

The X700 roller striping kit attaches easily to the 54-in. and 62-in. Edge™ Xtra Decks and the 60-in. 7-Iron™ Mower Deck used on Select Series™ X700 Ultimate Tractors.

The roller bends the grass over, creating the premium 'ballpark' after-cut striping effect, greatly enhancing the finished look of the turf. The 2-in. (51-mm) diameter rollers are mounted to a strong 7/8-in. (22-mm) steel shaft.

Key features:

Allows mowing and rolling the lawn at the same time
Installs quickly and easily, replacing the rear anti-scalp wheels
Adjusts to varying cutting-height settings without tools using existing anti-scalp wheel hardware
Does not affect the ability of the tractor to climb over curbs
Simple to service and maintain



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