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Stripped Thread on a DuraForce Block

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Fun times at GC's garage!

I was reassembling the good DuraForce from my donor 10323 to the 10550 mounting plate yesterday morning. Assembly was going well when low and behold one of the bolts from the mounting plate seemed to turn too easily. I removed the bolt with thread debris on the bolt.

It must have been corrosion that seized it. I didn't use any PB Blaster during disassembly as the bolt came out normally, but I didn't check the threads after removal.

Needless to say I am pretty miffed. It appears that all the threads came off with the bolt during disassembly. Now I have good DuraForce with one bad mounting bolt thread.

What do you think I should dö:


Ideas anyone. I want to get this 10550 assembled.
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wooohoooo congrats gcmartin1!!
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