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Striping your lawn is the ultimate statement in classiness. It says to your neighbors, "Hey, my lawn is better than your lawn, nana nana boo boo." It takes a person with true lawn dedication to take the time, and care, striping your lawn requires. So maybe asking yourself, "How do I get the perfect lawn stripes?" Well let me tell ya what the most important thing to getting a striped lawn is. It's all about the direction.

The direction that the grass is bent determines the light or dark colored stripe. When the blades of grass are bent away from you, the grass appears lighter in color because the light is reflecting off of the lengthy part of the blade. When the blades of grass are bent towards you, the grass appears darker as you are looking at more of the tips of the blades (which is a smaller reflective surface) and you are actually seeing the shadows underneath the grass.
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There are many different ways to stripe your lawn, but we here at wanna see your stripes!

Show us your lawn stripes and we will feature the best images on our website! :thThumbsU
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