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Strange question about a Stihl MS270

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I have an MS 270 and the manual says that it has a 'shutter' to allow it to heat up faster in the winter. Supposed to be able to toggle it with a screwdriver. I even see the little sun and snowflake symbols. The ads for the MS270 also say that it has a preheater shutter.

Only I don't have one. I had one on my older 026, but there's nothing there on this one. I took the cover off and there's a clip there, but nothing liuke a toggle with any kind of 'shutter'. A dealer showed me the IPB, and neither he nor I saw anything.

Anybody have an MS270 that has such a dimmick?

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Got a picture of your saw with the air filter cover removed?
The shutter should be built into the filter cover, it should be down for summer, and snapped UP for winter use. Its nothing fancy, it basically just directs air from the hot engine to the air inlet.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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