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straightening a power needle

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A few months ago I was inquireing about an onan on a gen, found it to be an AJ ,the carb is a walbro LMG 213 I can order most parts except that main jet needle AK power needle, it is bent fairly bad have gotten it better but is there a way to get it close enough to work right? I used a trick I learn on how to straighten a air briush needle , but dont know if it will be close enough to work as suppose to ED
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The only thing that pops to mind besides using a hammer ... and tapping gently .. is to roll the needle 'taper' part between two hardened flat surfaces, such as two pieces of sheet steel. The needle would be forced to go to minimum distortion if it were rolled back and forth. Not to say it would not try to 'walk' out of its 'bind', but I think it would do the best job if time were taken. I am imagining the needle to be tapered from the threads down to the tip, and if it is a different style, YMMV.
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In starightening air brush needles you use 2 quarters and do about the same thing will try later, just backed into a [email protected]#$% telephone pole with a 4x4 sticking out OUCH! sure did a job on the front of the bed now off to the insurance co. dont think this will be fun! ED
Well finaly got around to that bent neddle and it worked! cleaned and reassembled and started right up and seems to run fine just have to figure the wireing out now on this gen. 3 wires sticking out with no ids BTW the insurace toteld my truck just for a $2000, repair job and settled for paying it off and I keep it crazy cause i already fixed it myself so lucked out thee ED
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