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The Kombi units have had my interest ever since I used a relative's unit not too long ago while helping them with some yard work. I found a used powerhead from ebay while looking around, and on impulse, bought it.


Somebody before me already ran new fuel lines. Everything looks to be in decent shape so far.

The plan is to eventually get an edger and string trimmer attachment once everything's put together. Here's where I'm at as of this morning:


First item of business was finding the upper shaft tube. After buying just the upper shaft, found a used tube, which came with a shaft. So now I have a spare drive shaft in the event this one breaks(which I doubt will happen, but stranger things have happened). Also bought the coupler and installed that as well.


Next was to find the throttle assembly. Found one for a KM131, other than switching the throttle cable for the correct one it'll work. Push button kill switch.


After installing the throttle assembly, checked for spark(has spark), along with killswitch function(works). The engine does start, but without a throttle cable hooked up I didn't do much more than a few drops of mixed gas in the spark plug hole; from the brief time it ran it sounds good but the idle might be a tad high. Also could be because I don't have an attachment installed yet. I haven't checked the valve clearances, but once everything's together that'll be another thing to look at.

So far the list of parts needed is:

-handle (might have a spare laying around)
-lower attachment(s)
-throttle cable(on its way)
-checking valve clearances
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