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I just bought one, as it seems to have about the same blowing power as my Husqvarna 580BTS, but is
-significantly quieter
-has that remote starter cord so you don't have to take it off to restart it
-has the control centered on the tube (the 580BTS has it offset to one side, and that seems to tweak my elbow when I use it a lot, as I never had that happen when using the BR600)

One thing that seems utterly stupid is the blower tube. I'm 6'5", so both the BR600 and now the BR800 tubes are too short for me. But for some reason, Stihl made it so the BR800CE tube can get really short, or with the BR800X, they include a separate really short nozzle, and I cannot think of when anyone would want to use these things with the output nozzle up near their waist, even if you were relatively short.

With the 580BTS, Husqvarna made it easy to lengthen the tube by just buying another section and inserting it. Stihl has made all of their nozzles one-off setups, so you can't just buy an extension. With the BR600, I made an extension for it by buying a second nozzle, cutting it and original nozzle apart, then using pop rivets to join them together to add about an extra 12" or so, which made a HUGE difference when blowing snow with it.

I tried to get a price for another tube for the BR800CE, but evidently it isn't in my dealers computer yet, and it was too much effort for the guy to find out. But he could charge me $10 for "assembling" it. I swear, Stihl survives in spite of their dealers...
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