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My i1050 has had the annoying problem of the brake cams sticking upon occasion. Sometimes I could clear it by abruptly stomping and releasing the brake pedal and rarely had to resort to shutting it down and unjamming the brake manually from under the tractor. I kept trying to remember to "squirt some stuff" on those but kept forgetting by the time I got back to the shop.

Well the 50 hour maintenance came up as I was mowing last week and I finally got around to doing it earlier this week (something to do in order to avoid the 115* heat index).

Since using oil or grease of any type will attract dust, chaff, and dirt, I lubed the brake cam with Dow-Corning Dri Lube. The "Dri Lube" is a spray graphite compound and when cured will provide lubrication without the accumulation of debris which could either cause premature wear of the parts or worse sticking problems than I had before.

Care should be taken to prevent the lubricant from contaminating the brake pads and/or rotor. The "Dri Lube" sprays as a liquid which dries in minutes and cures in a couple of hours. The liquid will flow into small gaps for better coverage and lubrication.

Old, Tired, and not quite so Grumpy since my brakes don't stick any more.
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