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sterring rod parts

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I have a Ford 120 garden tractor with the steering gears worn causing slop in the steering of the front wheels. The part list I have found has a picture of the sreering rod and pinion assembly, Part # 153467. Does this part number, if available, consist of the gear on the rod and the rack gear it matches with? Where are parts available?

Thanks for any info.


FORD 120
SER# 2007431
SPEC 47238B
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your serial number should be on the lower left side of the grill houseing , does also have parts diagrams and part priceing , but you will still need the tractors serial number
oh and if its a rack and pinion style steering system , a very common part to wear out is the lower pinion shaft bushing , it holds the main steering shaft in place , when worn out it lets the shaft move away from the rack gear and products slop
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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