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sterring rod parts

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I have a Ford 120 garden tractor with the steering gears worn causing slop in the steering of the front wheels. The part list I have found has a picture of the sreering rod and pinion assembly, Part # 153467. Does this part number, if available, consist of the gear on the rod and the rack gear it matches with? Where are parts available?

Thanks for any info.


FORD 120
SER# 2007431
SPEC 47238B
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The main culprit on my 1450's steering slop was the Pinion shaft bushing as Ford boy has said. It appeared to be the gears but when I looked closer it was the bushing. The gears can also be adjusted to mesh tighter to compensate for wear. I made my own bushing complete with a grease fitting from a standard bolt.

It's pretty simple to do with possibly the hardest part being that you have to grind the weld off of the old bushing and tack weld the new one in. You might be able to find the right step bushing at an industrial bearing supply but finding the oem bushing will probably be tough.

There are lots of other parts that can cause slop: front spindles/wheel bearings, axle pivot, steering linkage, and the steering wheel bushing.


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