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Step By Step Install Of 2305 Bro-tek Skid Plate

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I finally got around to installing my Bro-Tek Skid Plate for the 2305. As requested, here are pics of the install:

Skid plate & parts that came with it.

First, bolt the back of the skid plate to the hitch. All parts were supplied, except I added two thin washers to keep the plate from touching the tranny.

The eye bolts openings were too small. I had to enlarge them slightly.

Bro-Tek states that the plate is not compatible with the MMM. He is correct. I had to remove the MMM support arms.
I could have possibly left the arms in place: as you see in the above pic, the square tubing fit, but the lock nuts were barely threaded. I suppose I could buy slightly longer eye bolts. For best results, I removed the arms.

I switched out the cotter pins for loop pins for easier re-install.

Next, loop eyelets onto pegs, attach the supplied square tubing, and tighten bolts. Then run the supplied self-tapping screws into the square tubing. NOTE: I NEVER have to drill any holes into the tractor. The tractor itself remained completely unaltered.

The finished product.

Grand total, I spent 1 hour installing the skid plate, which included: setup, gathering tools, taking pictures, altering the eyelets, changing the cotter pins, cleaning up the floor, and putting away my tools.

I imagine it'll add less than 10 minutes to installing/removing the Mid-Mount Mower (much of which will be gathering and putting away tools).

This winter I will alter the back mount to a slide-on version. I will cut a slot back to the rear hole which will allow me to slide it into place. This will eliminate one step of install/removal.

Below is a link to their install / owner's manual. (Their website only has the Kubota BX's manual, but they emailed a link to the 2305's manual) Plate_instructionA.pdf
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Hi Smeagol!
I wonder if you could move the hooks that hold the plate on to the other side of the chassis somehow which would leave the pegs free for the mower hooks.
I went out and took another look: It wouldn't be hard to move the mounts to the inside (freeing up the pegs) without altering the tractor:
- You could easily make two L-shaped flat strips of metal with a large hole on one end of each (to go over the pegs) then bend them inward, connect them together in the middle, then mount the square tubing to them.
- Or you could simply mount the L-shaped brackets directly to the skid plate.
All of the above would work, but would lessen the strength of the front mount.
There are, of course, many other ways to attach the front, but most would require drilling into the tractor frame.

Here's a lousy Photoshop of my idea:

Do you think there might be any way to modify it to work with the mower as I notice there is already a hole in the plate for the driveshaft to go through
The hole for the driveshaft may need to be elongated to allow for the vertical travel of the MMM, but should work.

Do you lose the mower adjustement when you remove the support arms or is it just a matter of sitting these back in place?.
No, as long as you are careful not to spin the U-shaped mount brackets.
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Be sure to show pics when you find time to do this project!

After re-reading my post, I decided that I am going to do the mods I mentioned. I won't get to it, though, for a month or two. I'll post my results when it's done.

I haven't tried to attach the MMM PTO shaft yet, but there is plenty of room to reach around the plate, and therefore, it shouldn't be hard to reach with your hands to connect the PTO.

I'm almost certain I can easily adapt the plate to work with the MMM. I'll work on it in a couple weeks and post my results.

I removed the plate in about 3 minutes today and attached my MMM (needed to mulch some leaves). Even if I'm unable to adapt the skid plate to work with the MMM simultaneously, it's well worth the 3 minutes!
I forgot to mention the price in my first post. The cost was $220 shipped from Canada Post to my house in central Michigan, USA.

According to their Pay-Pal account, they are located at:
MIRAMICHI, New Brunswick
E1V 6Z5

I ordered it on September 15, 2009. It was shipped on September 17th. It arrived 2 1/2 weeks later.
does it take that long to ship because it came from canada?
That's what I'm guessing. They used shipping with tracking ability in Canada, but as soon as it hit the US border, I could no longer track it. They warned me about that.
I haven't seen a need for a front skid plate. I know they make them for the Kubotas, but I'm not sure if they are even available for the JD2305.
I had to add washers to the rear bolt (between tractor and plate) to keep the plate from hitting the tranny. Once I did this, my holes lined up pretty good.
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