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Steering problems Case 222

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My case 222 stopped steering this summer. I brought it to a place and they order a part. That was two months ago. I had to get my tractor back so they fixed it up so it works for now, but I would like to get the part to fix it for real. Any ideas on how to get a steering part?


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Hey, Paul -

What kind of "steering part" are you looking to replace? Have you gone to the Ingersoll website and downloaded a pdf version of the parts catalog for your tractor yet?

There's likely a "Steering Gear" and "Front Axle" section, which will show an illustrated parts breakdown of the various components in the steering system.

With the part numbers, you can then contact someone like Brian Hildreth/Authorized Ingersoll Parts Dealer (bhildret on this site) and ask for price and availability of the part you need. I have ordered parts from him quite often and his service is top notch.

Also, for "hard parts" like steering sectors, steering shafts, tie rods, drag links, spindles, etc., E-Bay is a good source.
If you want good used parts instead of new, PM me with the parts needed and your zip.
I went to got the part # I needed and then googled it.
Found it on ebay.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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