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Steering problem on DLX Landlord

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Hello All.

I am finding a lot of good information in this forum, so I thought I would try to solicite some more good advise on my recent purchace.

It is a 2001 DLX Landlord, and I am getting used to it now but I think I have a steering problem. I noticed from the begining that it was difficult to keep it driving straight, kind of bounced all over the place. I thought maybe it was just because it is a bigger tractor than Im used to....

But today I was messing around with the front wheels, and I noticed that I can garb one tire, and turn it left or right an inch or two without the other tire moving. There is also quite a bit of slop in the steering wheel(I can move the wheel left or right a few inches before the tires respond)

So this kind of makes me happy, because I'm thinking maybe there is an easy fix and this thing will actually ride as good as my recently deceased John Deere Sabre. Shouldn't be too much to ask since it sounds like the Sabre was the MTD of the John Deere family!

Thanks in advance, maybe before long I'll be able to share my wisdom with others in the forum :)


for those who like a visual, Hopefully this link will work. I haven't figured out the best way to add pics yet.
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Sure- You thought that you had too many beers & were DWI!?!? (J/K):sidelaugh You definately got a steering problem there if you can move the wheels that much. Jack the front of the mower up and then wiggle/turn the wheels and look for areas where you have a lot of play.. Usually either tie-rod ends or perhaps the steering bracket itself is waaaay looooooose.. Some tractors have an adjustable rack/pinion and you can tighten this up a bit and remove some play there.. Let us know how you make out.. :goodl:
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