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steering gear box

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Hi, Dose anyone know where I may get a steering gear box for my 76 1614 power king. Or any thing that will enter change.
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already checked, didn't have any
Hi Rod just looked at the pictures of your PK nice tractor so what is wrong with the steering gearbox?
Don't really know, it catches hard to steer don't know if it is gears or bearings. My son is going to take it apart just figured as old as it is I should try to find another. Tried to buy a new one but Mission said that it was discontinued but they do sell the bearings.
Hi Rod it very well could be the bearings, yea a steering system that binds up is no fun good luck on the rebuild
Hope that is it, Will let ya know what I find out. Thanks for asking
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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