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Steel wheels.

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Went camping in Lancaster PA. this past weekend. Love to just tour the countryside looking at the farm land and countryside. Leaves were turning nicley. Went by one very nice looking homestead and low and behold there was a young amish girl mowing on a 300 series JD. with steel rims and wheels. Have seen many tractors and iompliments with this setup in the past but this was my first lawnmower. Very cool to see wish i had a camera to photo the JD.
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Most likely Mennonite, not Amish. The Amish do not use anything with electricity or gasoline or diesel engines. The Mennonites do, and they usually convert all of their tractors to steel wheels. The Mennonite farm where I get a lot of my produce is run by a large extended family, and they have at least 5 tractors that I have seen that all have steel wheels, ranging from a Case 444 garden tractor to an old Farmall Cub and various sizes in between.
I believe it depends on the Bishop's wishes as to if they can or can't use engines, and some (those that have milking operations) often have electricity in the milk parlor to keep the milk cold.

The Amish that I'm familiar with range from "old order" (old testement) followers (these are the no electricity, no motors, ect.), to steel wheel Amish on to rubber tire Amish.

Steel wheels are one thing, what always kills me is to see the younger kids, mostly girls, running a power push mower barefoot.

There is a gray area kind of in between the Amish and the Mennonites where many reside as well, where they aren't quite Amish and really aren't Mennonites either. Although there are many similarities between them.

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