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1969(?)#9645547 444 with Stator KO 237038 and Flywheel KOA236720. PO
had attempted to replace/repair the stator @ some point in time. The
1 wire to the coil is disconnected and taped. My initial attempt to
locate the original parts has been a big zero. Stator diameter is smaller so I
assume the flywheel is also different than later models.
Can I replace the stator and flywheel with newer parts? I am not an
electrical person and have little understanding of how to test whats
on the 444. I noticed the taped stator connection AFTER taking the
PTO and flywheel off. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
Also, while removing the drive hub C15717 the flush Hex nuts stripped out, so I had to drill the nuts to remove. Studs are still in the
drive hub. The 4 mounting stator screws were also a nightmare to get off but I
did get lucky with those and finally got them out. Hard to say how many hours
are on this old Case but she runs pretty good. Noticed It will also need a head
gasket. I'd like to keep her original
but the more I read the more a B&S Vanguard conversion sounds like a
great idea. Thanks again.
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