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Starting the year off right!

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Hello, Mytractorforum memmbers!

I am very excited & eager to be a part of this great group of tractor enthusiasts! Although I was raised on a farm, it has been many, many years since I haave worked with tractors.

I recently moved from the city back to my home town & I have a few acres & a Ford 841D that I recently purchased!

I did have a mechanic check the tractor over & it did have some issues that HAD to be addressed, I now have a tractor that runs well.

Although it is not (presently) the best looking tractor, my intentions are to restore & hopefully find some of those cool after-market accessories you used to see on the older fords!

So, just like to say, I am very happy to be a member & I am open to any suggestions, ideas, and advice on good sources for parts, modifications that help performance...actually, any advice is welcome!

Thanks for letting me be a part!
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Welcome bennevis, we are glad to have you here.
Greetings & welcome from southern Md .

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