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Starting my search for a SCUT

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Just beginning my search into subcompact tractors. I've wanted one for a few years, but struggled to justify the price, as I've been getting by with my old Wheel Horse garden tractor and my Cub Cadet lawn tractor on my property that's a little over an acre. Really, the tractor would have been useful for a couple years now as we've been hit with EAB and have been working on removing the dead ash trees from my property. We started with 86, and have about 20 left to go. We also have added a greenhouse, expanded the garden, and gotten a small flock of chickens.
In the future, we are looking into possibly getting a PTO stump grinder as opposed to paying someone to come grind stumps for us.
We are planning on extending the garden once more, adding more chickens, doing landscaping (redo the paver patio, add a gazebo, fire pit, and maybe a small koi pond), and planting a bunch more fruit trees. Right now, we have pear, apple, and peach.

Things I would like to be able to do:
Move mulch, stone,sand, etc around my property so a loader is important. I'd also like to be able to use the loader to unload or load heavier objects in the back of my truck so I don't always have to ask a neighbor for help.
Add and maintain an in ground garden
Post hole digger for fence posts and probably to use to plant trees. (We will plant probably 30-40 trees)
Move logs/help with firewood processing
Use PTO to grind stumps, 4’ tiller, and maybe a chipper in the future
I will probably use for snow removal as well. I have a 38" walk behind snow blower, soI would probably start with just a bucket.
I'll also pull my utility trailer and splitter around my property.
I probably won't use it to mow as I have a nice lawn tractor and would just assume to put the $3k for a deck towards a zero turn when I'm ready to replace the cub.

I would love a grapple and a backhoe, butI probably won't get those due to expense. I will likely rent a mini excavator when it comes time to dig the koi pond, then use the tractor for everything else. I’m thinking about starting with tractor, loader and ballast (load tires and/or ballast box). I’ll use a post hole digger soon so would probably go with that and forks right away, possibly a tiller, but I may wait until after the stumps are ground before making a larger garden.

I stopped and looked at a 1025R and then went to the Massey dealer and looked at a GC1725M. Both were nice. I felt the JD was more comfortable, but I liked how quickly the MF could move the hydraulics. I haven't really looked closely at specs, but I felt both would probably do what I want. Surprisingly the MF was only $500 less than the JD and the JD dealer is way closer.
I have primarily been looking at the 25HP models to maximize PTO power for implements like stump grinding that I imagine would benefit from as much power as I had.
I was thinking about looking at Kubota and maybe LS or TYM, but those dealers are all farther away. Is there anything I should be looking at or asking about when I'm looking? I just want to make sure I cover my bases.
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Sounds like you're real close to having a lot of fun with a new machine.. the suspense ought to be killing you!! :ROFLMAO:

'No time for tractor shopping' is gonna sound pretty ironic when you finish the thing you were supposed to be doing with your tractor and then start making up silly new reasons just to stay on it a little longer! No time, he said! Look at him now!
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I agree with everyone else saying dont get too hung up on the lift capacity because they will ALL lift probably 95% of everything youd ever want to, based on how you described your needs.

Having a set of QA forks to bring the load in closer to the pins will make the lowest rated tractor lift more than the highest rated one trying to use clamp-on forks, for example.

And they will all lift much more ‘off the ground’ than their rated capacity which is usually ‘all the way to full height’.

My littler Kubota is only rated to lift 500lbs to full height but i still lifted this thing.. ~36” diameter ~60” long 3/8” wall.
Cannon Wheel Plant Automotive tire Motor vehicle

My slightly larger small Kubota is rated to lift 700lb to full height yet this pallet weighs ~1150lbs and its hanging on bucket forks, so with bucket and forks total load probably over 1350 and centered fairly far out in front of the pins.
Wheel Tire Plant Sky Vehicle

That was backing away from a truck bed so i lowered it right after pic 😂.

Honestly, the rear remotes you mentioned matter a LOT more to me than the differences in stated lift capacity.
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I thought the rated weight at the pins was full height and then greater than rated weight below, but I'm just learning here.
Exactly. That was what my post was getting at. It is usually at least 50% more and sometimes it is close to double. If you find loader ‘breakout’ spec it describes this ‘lift from ground capacity’ even though i absolutely despise the term breakout being used that way. Just fyi, if you are ever trying to ‘break out’ some material from a pile, use the bucket curl function, or both the loader lift and bucket curl functions simultaneously but DONT ‘just’ try to lift the loader straight up while its stuck under something. I feel like using the term ‘breakout’ to describe ‘lift from ground height’ is like an underhanded way to convince people that their small machine is inadequate and they should go right back to the dealer and trade up, because using ONLY the lift circuit to break out material is pathetically ineffective compred to using the bucket curl, or both functions simultaneuously. Ok, rant over.. 😅
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By no means am i the mental catalogue of all existing 4n1 buckets but the only one ive seen that really did seem 'appropriately sized and weighted' for a SCUT is the one Land Pride makes for the Kubota BX. 50" wide and 260lbs. Past that all the SSQA ones are waaay oversized and even the mini-skid QA ones are heavy.. Titan sells a 42" 4n1 for mini skid steers, which is 340lbs.

I would like a 4n1 but i am expecting to either buy a mini-skid one, or build one myself. Totally agree with Shaun on that one.
A $2800 stump bucket is offensive.. unless it's built for a 75+hp skid steer that can literally pry its own 7000lb *** end off the ground and into the air curling up on that bucket under an immovable object (they can do that). At which point they have to be built to the hilt, and yeah they're expensive.

Honestly, the $600 stump bucket that Titan sells is sufficient for any small tractor to not break it. The GWT one may be highly preferable in terms of where your money ends up going, and i absolutely get that.

If you're going with a Kubota i think the B is a huge jump over the BX for loader work, and rough terrain in general where the clearance is massively better.

Having 3 speed ranges is nice too, although not a necessity. I have a kubota with Hi/Lo and one with Hi/Med/Lo and to me the main difference is that if you are a patient person and don't have to cover much distance you could leave it in medium for everything and still do ok pushing the loader on things, but i personally like maximum pushing force and frequently travel hundreds of feet so im constantly shifting from lo to hi anyway and medium range i could take it or leave it. I see it being really useful for doing repetitive tasks like off loading 12 pallets from the side of a semi trailer or something, or just moving a bunch of loose stuff around on pallets or loose material in the bucket etc. When im pushing the bucket into packed ground im in Low, and if im going very far im in High. Take that for what it's worth, lol.
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