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Starter Stopper

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The starter on my 8179KT always seemed to struggle in cold weather. This year as soon as the weather cooled, the starter was acting up again, worse than ever. It didn't make a grinding noise, just sort of a rumble or grumble. It barely turned the engine over fast enough to get it started. So I decided to pull the starter and get a handle on the problem. I figured I would just rebuild it with the $24.00 kit from Richards, and life would be good. Instead I had to buy a new one because this is what I found:


Anyone want to buy a slightly used starter for a 17HP Kohler twin? Heck it somehow worked for me with a piece of magnet wire smashed between the rotor and the magnets for 10 years.
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Ill bet it spins over nice now.

I replaced the starter on my M18 because the bushing were worn so badly that it was gone completely and the end cap had worn too. A new bushing would have been just flopped around in there.

I had a Briggs starter that had worn bushings and that allowed the laminations of the armature to drag on the magnets. That caused the laminations to slice into the windings causing multiple shorts.
Yeah what a difference, especially in the cold.

I know the laminations have a coating on them, but it's still surprising to me that the smashed wire didn't cause a short, blow a fuse or some how show up electrically on the frame of the tractor.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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