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Starter/Generator question..

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I noticed the other day after using my Suburban 12 to mulch leaves for about 15 minutes ,that the starter generator felt very warm,hot enough to not allow you to touch it for long...I also noticed a slight noise ,that may be the belt or perhaps the bearing or bushing on the pulley side ..

I tried dripping some oil onto the generator's shaft behind the pulley ,to see if that made any difference,but I could not tell if any actually made its way into the bushing..(I do not think it has ball bearings)...unlike some I've seen,this one does not have any "gibs" or oil cups where you could lube the bushings..

It still charges fine ,it could crank the engine over faster though,my other tractors with the same setup seem to whip over faster..since its not exactly an easy job to pull the starter/generator out and work on it,I'd rather not,if there is nothing "wrong" with it...perhaps its "normal" for them to run fairly "hot"..?:..or maybe its dragging on dry bushings ?..:dunno:

I guess if it really starts to squeal I'll know in a hurry whether that is the case or not..:hide:
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you can pull one apart easy i done a few including one on my sub 14. it was making noise due to dry bushing
well tractor a holic i know your up there in age. (not trying to be rude lol). but if you can get starter generator off. take it apart, clean up everything. inspect armature if its black or has wires burnt to where they are not connected then armature is bad. on the pulley side of starter generator theres a bearing in the plate. remove 3 screws and little cover then you should be able to tap the bearing out. check it to see if its good. if so then grease it (i like wheel bearing grease) and put that side back together then grease bushing on back side and your good to go also check brushes while your in there. theres rebuild kits on ebay for these and last time i checked they were 5 - 10 bucks with brushes and a bearing. on a good day it takes me about 30 minutes to check out a s/g but i am only 24 lol.
i got 2 tec powered subs outside right now both are hard to turn over s/gs have hard timer but i have found if you keep throttle closed they will whip right over then bump it up should fire up
this engine here in this video has a compression release issue. if you dont hold throttle closed it wont spin fast

The tractor I'm having the S/G issues with does act like that,but I'm not sure if the compression release is bad or not,because if I jump it with a larger car battery,it doesn't bind up as bad on a compression stroke..
If it is a bad compression release then that will really tick me off--I'm not into taking the engine off and tearing it apart..
It might get another whole engine before that happens..or sold!..
open hood hold throttle closed if it spins fast then you let go opening throttle up should fire. i am not only one with a issue like this rustyoldjunks suburban 12 is same way. hes one who told me trick to get it running lol
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