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Starter/Generator question..

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I noticed the other day after using my Suburban 12 to mulch leaves for about 15 minutes ,that the starter generator felt very warm,hot enough to not allow you to touch it for long...I also noticed a slight noise ,that may be the belt or perhaps the bearing or bushing on the pulley side ..

I tried dripping some oil onto the generator's shaft behind the pulley ,to see if that made any difference,but I could not tell if any actually made its way into the bushing..(I do not think it has ball bearings)...unlike some I've seen,this one does not have any "gibs" or oil cups where you could lube the bushings..

It still charges fine ,it could crank the engine over faster though,my other tractors with the same setup seem to whip over faster..since its not exactly an easy job to pull the starter/generator out and work on it,I'd rather not,if there is nothing "wrong" with it...perhaps its "normal" for them to run fairly "hot"..?:..or maybe its dragging on dry bushings ?..:dunno:

I guess if it really starts to squeal I'll know in a hurry whether that is the case or not..:hide:
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Plus starter generator rebuilds are not cheap! The few shops around here that can do it cost anywhere from 150-200+ dollars. Lets hope it's something simple. Even if it has to come out of the machine, let's hope its just a bit too much brush dust. :praying:
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