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Stand on mower question

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I have heard that the stand on mowers are more stable on inclines such as ditches than ZTR's and riding mowers. I cut a long steep dry ditch on my property and have used both ZTR and riders in the past. My riding mower seemed more stable as the ZTR wanted to slide down. I wanted the ZTR type and was wondering what you guys thoughts were on the stand on mowers. Thanks,
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IT all comes down to thew center of gravity, and where your weight gets focused. ON ztr's and riders you are sitting 2-3' up in the air while a stander or walk behind with a sulky your standing 6" or less from the ground. This makes your weight free and not as locked to the seat up high pulling the tractor over. I hate mowing hills with any kind of machine. I had a 48" walk behind slide 20 ft down a hill before I got it shut down.
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Your commercial stander style machines are very heavy to begin with and all that weight is way down low, so like said, that could work towards your advantage. You could also bail out easier than being in a seat, but that's not a good situation either way.

I owned a Cub Z-Force ZTR with a heavy fab'd deck. That wasn't a fun machine on or near inclines.

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