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SS16 Vanguard?!

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Some of you may know I bought an ss16 from GT80 for the Onan. Before I bought that from GT80 I had found a 16hp horiz. Vanguard. When I went to pick that engine up, the guy couldn't get it running. The oil was full of gas and it was making a funny screeching noise when you turned it over.

Well I took it home and dismembered it to the point I could see if there was anything visually wrong inside and there wasn't. I oiled everything liberaly inside and slowly rolled it over to see what I would hear, as I kept oiling it, it sounded ok so I re-assembled it.

Moment of truth today! I pulled it over a few times with the plugs out to get eveything nice and lubed up, put the plugs in, a tiny bit of gas in the tank and it fired for a couple seconds then died. Not enough gas but at least it ran and didn't turn into R2D2 salad! So I put more gas in and it seemed to run half decent.

Hmm.... I have this tractor over there with no motor... Any ways, It is on the ss16 (sort of) 1 bolt and 1 c-clamp but I drove it around the yard for a minute or 2!

I will probably get rid of it now that I have my loader tractor going


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Cool!! That may make a nice sale! How'd it drive?
If I were you I would consider selling that engine, Lanscapers use them on their leaf loaders. That being said, when the engines blow they usually don't have a spare NOR a spare leaf loader. With the amount of use that those leaf loaders get this time of year you can make a PRETTY PENNY on that engine and probably afford to buy 3 or 4 engines for that sears.

My .02c

The thing flew! I only have high on that one and I accidentally :fing32:pulled the front wheels off the ground

Their are two things about the engine.
1) It makes a noise which I am pretty sure is the flywheel rubbing the magneto.

2) It seems to start to put out blue smoke after running for a couple minutes.

With that being said, Any idea what it would be worth?

I actually wouldn't mind getting rid of the tractor too as I am trying to clean up around the yard.
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