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I am starting on reworking my ss16 grill and seeking some advice on disassembly and while I'm asking dumb questions thought I'd ask about the hood nose.

1. For the grill, I'm seeking any advice on the circled items.
For the removal of the screws and bolts in the red and blue circles, any tricks other than heat, some careful hammering, and some luck, to avoid breaking the screws and bolts off?
For the bend circled in yellow I'm welcome to ideas because I'm guessing more than likely this will just shatter no matter what I do when I try to straighten?

2. Most photos of ss/st16 tractors I've seen have the red circled part of the hood nose painted white, but I've seen a few photos with all black noses like mine.
I'm just curious if some tractors came with the black noses from the factory and if so was this just certain models and years or if this is just simply a result of paint falling off?



1 - 4 of 4 Posts