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Howdy all,
Made a little progress today. Was able to remove most of the easy stuff (grill, hood, foot rest, seat spring etc.) today on the little tractor. Also receive the starter generator rebuild kit today. I hadn't planed on installing the parts but like a kid on Christmas I couldn't wait. Sure enough new bearing and brushes and she spun around no problem. :) Tomorrow I'll tackle the steering wheel and console. I've done a bit of homework and already have my mind in a good place when it comes to the wheel. Slow, steady, and most of patient will yield results. That's what I say now guess we'll see what tomorrow outcome brings. Hahahahaha, Have a good evening everyone I'll be in touch soon.

Dave in CA.

P.S. Oh yea, nearly forgot. I'm sure I'm breaking a forum rule but if any of you would be willing to part with a pair of hood hinge bolts washer and all I'd be willing to send some George Washington's your way. I'll be posting the same in the wanted forum as well. Talk to you soon.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts