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Spring work pictures

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My favorite time of year, the spring. First thing in the spring we fertilizer our fall planted wheat. We use a barber spreader behind the 275

Then its time for tillage, 42ft wil-rich behind the D6C
a little frosty on this morning

time to get to work

switching to the krause with sweeps to level it up good

behind the D6B

Next two pics look good on my laptop but not the desktop screen for some reason.

don't get to close to the edge here, the picture actually doesn't look as impressive as being there.

time for some disking

Some harrowing

finally time to get the drill going

and my last picture for now is all for of our cats lined up

I will post a few more pics of the masseys in this thread tomorrow or later.

As usual if you have questions feel free to ask.

Was wondering if people wanted to see my combine pictures as well.
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:congrats: Oh by all means we would like to see more pics and the combines too !, those were great and thats defintley some farming out there in some beautiful country too :).

:thanku: for sharing with us !
I absolutly love what you have done here.

I never knew or even considered the use of those cats as pull units for farm emplements......!!!!

I look forward to more pics...thanks.

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Wow! great pics. hope to see some more.
Thanks for posting them:thThumbsU
Of course we want to see some combines!

I have taken such a liking to your pictures that I am willing to look at just about anything that you post.

Those are great pics and they have really opened my eyes to farming techniques across the county.

Thank you.
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Nice pictures thanks for sharing!! And by all means keep the pictures comeing.

I bet those machines can hardly tell if anything is back behind them!

I was curious what kind of ground speed are you able to obtain?
I know you are using Cats for a reason. I just don't know the reasons behind the use of the tracked Cats. I would love to be enlightened.
Question: How many gallons of diesel to you burn in a day running those huge implements?
Great pictures. Thanks a lot.:thThumbsU
Great post! Thanks for the pics. :thThumbsU And please tell us how and why you ended up with the Cats to pull those implements. :)
Okay so answer your questions

For those that want to know why the crawlers, see the explanation here, about halfway down the page.

If that doesn't explain it let me know.

The late model crawlers can go 5.5mph in the field.

The D6C will burn 10 gallons diesel an hour with a big load.

Light work with the D4D is around 4 gallons an hour.
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Awesome shots! Keep'em coming!
Those cats have got to be one the best looking tractors out there. They are cool.

You guys have some nice land down your way. Your equipment looks well maintained. BTW thanks for feeding North America..
Wow, just beautiful pictures and land! My favorite is this one....

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