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Well its almost spring here...

i see the tulips pupping through the ground...where the snow has receeded from the front of the house...

The daffodils should not be too far behind... once the snow melts, that is...

next will be lilacs (13 smaller bushes) and magnolias.. (3 smaller trees) blooming..

after that my crab apple trees should bloom... (about 10 smaller trees)

I love the spring.. we get a decent flower show for about a month and a half with the bloomers..

all of the trees and shrubs are fairly young...
lilacs: are the oldest at 6 years old.
the crab apples are 3-5 years old
The magnolias are 3-5 too

anyway.. i know lilacs like lime...

Any suggestions on doing anything to the other flowering trees and or flowers before they start to bloom? or is it best to wait till after?

do any of the other shrubs need lime? and do i add that after or before blooming??
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