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Looks like l'm going to have take over the fertalizer and bug control for my lawn. And looking for advice on a tow behind spreader. I have a JD X350 to tow with. Any advice out there.

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I have the large Agri-Fab tow spin spreader that holds approx. 120 lbs. that has to be 20 years old. Still works great, but the biggest problem right now is the tires are pretty much shot. Even though it's kept inside when not in use, the tires cracked, and lose air pretty quick. Not fond of the plastic wheels either. But, I now see the newer ones have have steel wheels, and should last longer, and be better if the tires ever need replaced. Too bad they didn't go ahead and make the 2 piece rim, to make life easier.

I'll more than likely replace the tires on mine this year, but will remove the old tires before ordering new ones. My gut tells me those plastic wheels may crack/break. Just going to have to be careful... Otherwise, it's been a great spreader.
DJ54, Do you have pictures of your spreader? What kind of controls should I look at. Like the ability to reach any levers that are needed to turn off the flow of product? I saw somewhere of a spreader that turned itself off when stopped.

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No don't have pictures. But the lever is easy to reach from the seat of my Wheel Horse. Not a big deal to reach around and turn it off. It has a stop for the lever, once you get the lever set to desired spread rate. I have no idea on the new one's. Just have to look, and see what is available now, and choose the one you think suits your needs.
I have used small tow behind spreaders and they are junk and do a poor job for uniform coverage and can tip over on steep slopes.

Do yourself a favor and buy a high end broadcast push spreader, an acre can be done fairly quickly. (Earthway, Spyker, Lesco, off the top of my head)

I have a stainless steel spyker push spreader and a 3 point mounted power spreader that fits on a SCUT, both work very well.
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