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Spreader Review - Brinly Hardy BST3500Bh

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Today I had the chance to use my new spreader, a Brinly Hardy BST3500BH. It is the largest of the Brinly spreaders, with a 175# capacity.

I used it to get some fertilizer on my 1.4 acre yard before the rains hit this evening. Timed it just right too... started raining about 1 hour after I finished. :D

I must say that I was impressed with this spreader. It is well built, heavy duty and the capacity is sufficient that one doesn't have to keep stopping what he is doing to run back to fill it up every other round.

One drawback to the spreader that I saw was that the control handle on the spreader is a little hard to reach from a good size garden tractor. I have a GT5000, and managing to reach back and close the spreader at the end of a run was just a little farther than I cared to reach. However, I feel that issue can be overcome by fabricating a basic extension to the handle so that it is more easily reached from my type of tractor.

The coverage of the spreader seemed to be uniform, with an approximate 11 ft. spread width to the rear of the spreader. It does have an adjustment on the bottom of the hopper to limit the fanning of the pattern, but I chose to keep a wide spread pattern to get the most coverage for my purpose.

Clean up was very easy using a garden hose, and once the spreader is dry, I put a few drops of oil on the bearings to help insure against any seizing or corrosion prior to the next use.

The trailing of the spreader was good, however even with that size spreader it does tend to still wheel hop even when fully loaded a bit on uneven terrain but not nearly as bad as the small pull behind it replaced. I minimized the wheel hop by regulating my ground speed over those more uneven spots.

All in all, I have to say that this is a strong product based on my first use of it. I purchased it at Home Depot, which had the best price around my area at $179.00.

Hope this bit of information will be useful to everybody!