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Spray Rig mount for X485 finally here

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I have not been the the forum in a while. I have been in search of a solution to haul my 25 gallon Fimco tank on the back of my X485. I don't have a 3pt hitch setup.

Bottom line is I finally bought a Hobart 140 welder :thThumbsU

I have fabricated myself a mount to hold the spray rig and I am very excited. It bolts right to the bottom plate. I will post a picture up after I get it painted (going to paint it JD Yellow).

Several years ago I messed up and bought a "4 wheeler Sprayer" and boy that was a mistake!! Although now that it will be mounted on the back of the JD it will be fine. It was far to heavy for the ATV and the turning radius was far to wide.

Take care and have a great weekend!

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I've had my sprayer mounted behind my GT235, X500, and now my X540 and love this setup!

Also when sprayer is not in use I can attach the trunk(which dumps).
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