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Spotted a Deere

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The other night I caught a quick peek of a round fender J.Deere perhaps a 110 or 112 in a promo not sure if a movie or TV show , not seen it repeated again . The scene showed someone seated on the Deere being knock from the seat , Did any one else see this ?
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In that Mad Men scene, I think they bent the lift lever outwards so it wouldn't block the actor. And, I don't think JD was pleased.

Via here:

There has been a lot of discussion about the riding mower incident in the most recent episode of Mad Men: "Guy Walks into an Advertising Agency." AMC can confirm that John Deere was not involved in the creation of the episode, and John Deere offered the following statement in response to the show:

"John Deere did not participate in the development of this episode. The company does not approve of unsafe use of its equipment."
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