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Spotted a Deere

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The other night I caught a quick peek of a round fender J.Deere perhaps a 110 or 112 in a promo not sure if a movie or TV show , not seen it repeated again . The scene showed someone seated on the Deere being knock from the seat , Did any one else see this ?
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I'm guessig what you saw was a clip from a recent episode of "Mad Men". I don't follow it, but it takes place inthe early '60s and depicts ofice life in an ad agency. Apparently the premise of that episode was that the ad agency landed a new client (JD) so they were having an office party to celebrate. Somebody brought in a 110 Round Fender as a prop, and a mishap ensued.

A family member told me about it, and I was able to spool some clips via the internet. Looking it over, the 110 was a real nicely restored one, but it was not 100% correct. Among other things, it had non- stock, plus-sized rear tires/wheels. I think it was a 4speed, too, but the episode is supposed to be taking place in 1963 when the 110 had a 3 speed. There was something funny about the mechanical lift lever too....
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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