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Spotted a Bolens snowblower in a salvage yard

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Not sure if these are rare or worth anything or not. I was at a dealer in SE Mass that has a small yard out back for their unsaleable trades and random parts. Spotted a Bolens snowblower, probably 34" - 36"? Seemed to be in good condition, probably not used much. I looked for a model number but of course that part of the data sticker was missing; best I could see was the model started with 015 or 016 (or maybe 051 or 061). If this could be some major prize let me know. My username might give you the hint I don't know much about Bolens.
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If you can get a pic I could tell value better. It is probably a snowcaster for a tube frame. Depending on model and condition, they are worth $100 to $150 at the start of snow season.

I saw it at Goldsteins (Kubota dealer) in Westport Ma. They also have a bunch of Cub Cadets in the yard as that's another brand they sell so they get a lot of junk trades.
Any Suburbans there??...I worked there for about a month when I was 18,that was 30 years ago!...
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